Monday, February 9, 2015

Politicalsculptor retains legal representation and responds to Katy Perry's Law Firm

Usually when it comes to small business owners, when the lawyers come after you the outcome is usually pretty predictable. Lawyer sends you a threatening letter and in fear of legal action you do whatever the lawyer tells you to do. 

As I stated before and again, I didn't make this 2.7 inches 3D printed figurine of a comical sea creature wanting to get into a legal battle. If anything I expected more controversy regarding my previous works which included homophobic world leaders and local politicians. I certainly didn't expect this reaction from a comical dancing shark.

I really would like to thank everyone for your support and encouragement. I decided to finally take a stand and break the usual cycle of rolling over or giving into legal threats.

As of Friday, I have retained the legal representation of  (name has been deleted) Professor at New York University School of Law and we have decided to fight back these bullying corporate lawyers.

I'm attaching the response letter we provided to the lawyers, who are responsible for taking down my product at my artist page.

I'm also resuming the sale of this 3D printed full color desk figurine at a different store front along with a couple other characters which include a drunk shark, pink drunk shark, and right shark.

Thank you all,

Fernando Sosa

Just a small shark trying to make a decent living.

This is a response to katy Perry's law firm who send a cease and desist over a 3D printed figurine i was selling at claiming copyright over the left shark. Here is the letter


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  2. Excellent response from Prof. Sprigman!

  3. I like Katy Perry. I enjoy her work, respect her talent and especially the attitude she displays in her public comments. That being said, I do not enjoy seeing one artist - Perry - bringing or threatening legal action against another artist - Fernando Sosa - over very vague copyright issues.

    If Mr.Sosa unlawfully and willfully directly copied a sizable chunk of Ms. Perry's work, then she may have a case. But in this case, Mr.Sosa, a self-identified artist very obviously used a very small part of another artists presentation as the basis for his own, unique, artwork. No harm, no foul.

    As an artist, photographer and limited-edition printmaker myself, I would advise Ms.Perry to take a step back and see this for what it is; ... a very harmless homage to a small part of her own art. And I would advise Mr.Sosa to consider both hand-signing each of the sharks he sells, and numbering them as a limited edition.

    If he does both, and if Ms.Perry's attorneys insist on pressing this matter afterwards, I will personally manage a legal defense fund-raising campaign on Mr. Sosa's behalf, as well as spreading the word about this bizarre legal issue as far and wide as possible.

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